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This month's featured coffees:

Ethiopia: Gutiti Yirgacheffe

A standout in a great year of Ethiopian coffee.

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"NCK" Espresso Blend

It was Espresso that originally drew us into the coffee world, and we continue to restlessly experiment in pursuit of a truly striking and original gourmet espresso. Our latest attempt spares nothing in terms of luxury: A superb Brazil pulp natural from the famed Daterra Estate has been matched with a full and sweet african coffee and medium roasted for sweetness and body. This one is a MOUTHFUL! We like it best about six days off of roast, but it has an unusually long window of optimal accessibility from about 5 days to as long as 12 days off of roast. It also works well as drip and is forgiving in many applications.

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Daterra Brasil

No coffee producer in the world devotes more care and attention to their product than Daterra. Superior growing conditions, manicured processing protocols, exquisite care and real pride as well as their committment to sustainable practices are all reflected in every coffee offered by Daterra. Every lot is carefully vacuum packed and labelled traceably back to small micro sections of the farm. As large a producer as Daterra is, the feat of quality and consistency with their program can reasonably be compared with the great wine producing Chateaus in Bordeaux. The net effect translates into truly superior coffee in the cup. Daterra coffees shine with brightness on a light cocoa backdrop. Among the most versatile coffee we roast, Daterra is successful by almost every conceivable brewing method from drip, to espresso.

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Kenya AA Kianjuri

This fully traceable coffee comes to us through a new and growing partnership with Star Coffee Imports. The coffee is spectacular. Full traceability is unprecedented coming out of Kenya in our experience which is part of what makes the Star Coffee Imports project so interesting and important.

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